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Panthalassa Bridges The Gap Between Those Who Want To Give Back To The
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Connecting People

Drawing inspiration from the fact that Panthalassa, the mythical water mass, provided connectivity and circumscribed the legendary Pangea, Our nonprofit’s endeavours are directed towards connecting charitable efforts of donors with recipients and thus complete supply demand chain. We support any charitable cause by providing the missing link and bridging the gap between the needy and empathizing donors.

Currently Panthalassa is supporting social causes in and around Lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India by mobilizing efforts from all over the world.

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Panthalassa provides opportunities for Internships. You can also choose to become a Volunteer, and if you have an idea to change the world for the better, we will also Partner with you.

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Save A Tree

Donate saplings to help the afforestation efforts of young children.

Proud To Be Me

Help install sanitary napkin vending machines and distribution of sanitary napkins in your community.


Support the electrification of rural India.

Women Empower Humanities

Join us in our efforts to encourage young women to pursue higher education.

We Support Small NGOs To Bring
Meaningful Change Within Communities



Panthalassa has received substantial coverage in national & local media vehicles.

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