Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO :  Ms. Mrinalini Mitra

Born and raised in Lucknow, Mrinalini Mitra has since an early age immersed herself in the world of philosophy, literature and art. Before joining university at the tender age of 16, she was already an accomplished author. Her debut book ‘Belief’ made her the most followed writer on Goodreads in India. Currently studying at Denison University in Columbus, Ohio, Mrinalini is majoring in Classical Studies and minoring in Art History and Visual Culture and Philosophy. She is a Founder’s scholar and was awarded the Davis Project for Peace award in her first year at university. Through the $10,000 award, she was able to launch her own non-profit Panthalassa, which has now become an actor on the international stage, as Mitra has launched initiatives to help educate girls in Afghanistan. She has also consistently made the Dean’s List and has also been inducted into the Phi Society.

Mrinalini’s interest in academics coincide with her passions in politics, cultural heritage, research and conservation. Her current research as a Woodyard Scholar is The Landscape of Ayodhya: a study of the meaning, creation and ideals of Rama’s city. Through which she hopes to question how Valmiki’s depiction of Ayodhya influences the structuring of Modern-day Ayodhya by analyzing the spatial practices of the same.

In her free time Mrinalini paints and writes; her abstract art is greatly influenced by the socio-political narrative that paints our nation’s functioning; and as a writer, she weaves tales that showcase a maturity that outweigh her age of a young 20-year-old lady. She is passionate about the preservation of her city and its heritage and laments at its rapid homogenization to meet the growing demands of globalization. She can frequently be caught participating in intense debates about conservation and climate change on campus, enjoying a good book, or quoting Foucault, Sartre and de Beauvoir and  walking to and fro from the library carrying books for her next research.


Mrinalini has been covered extensively in the national and local media for her endeavours.


A portfolio of the in-depth studies conducted by Mrinalini and the foundation.


The Collection of Mrinalini’s artwork brings to the forefront the artist residing within.




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