Women Empower Humanities

Women Empower Humanities

Women Empower Humanities


Women Empower Humanities (WEH) is a summer program organized and developed by Panthalassa. It hopes to provide a forum for encouraging young women currently attending high school to develop an interdisciplinary outlook grounded in the humanities on issues concerning women. Each year the program invites a scholar who educates the participants of the program on how gender and sex play out in history, classical studies, art, philosophy, music, language, and literature, as well as the politics and ethics of gender identity and equality in the Humanities. The four aims of Women Empower Humanities are:

  • To explicate the importance of humanities.
  • To encourage young women to pursue humanities with the aim to participate and contribute to it in the future through undergraduate and graduate level research.
  • To recognize diversity and ensure that each WEH program is tailored to the needs of its target audience.
  • To help participants realize the scholarships offered by institutes abroad and at home to pursue undergraduate education overseas.

WEH 2019

A glimpse of our latest WEH programme which saw participation of young girls from a diverse background.

WEH 2018

Going down the memory lane with images from the 2018 session of the WEH programme which was a huge success.


The WEH initiative has received substantial coverage in national & local media vehicles.